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Every child deserves an education that will prepare them to thrive in a competitive and rapidly changing world.


We invest in people, tools, and models—partnering with educators, communities, and schools to better prepare young people for all the future has to offer. College Track and XQ focus on high school as the fulcrum for change in the lives of individual students and across the education system with the ultimate goal of delivering on the promise of public education as essential to a thriving democracy.

5 Questions With Russlynn


Managing Director, Education, Emerson Collective, and CEO, XQ


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    • Philanthropy

      We partner with nonprofits to create a more just and equitable future for individuals and communities.
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    • Venture Capital

      We partner with consequential companies delivering generational impact and venture-scale returns, across all stages.
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    • Immigration

      Image of a border wall with a mural of a large sized child looking over it
      America benefits economically and culturally when immigrants are celebrated for their contributions.
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    • Environment

      Entrepreneurs working together with communities can build an equitable and resilient climate future.
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    • Media and Journalism

      High-quality journalism and storytelling are crucial to a healthy democracy.
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    • Gun Violence Reduction in Chicago

      A radical reduction in gun violence is within reach.
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    • Race and Equity in the South

      A more just, inclusive, and equitable South is possible if we confront racism head-on.
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    • Fellowships

      Our Fellows are advancing important new work in education, immigration, the environment, social justice, media, and health.
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    • Internships

      Emerson Collective’s two internship programs help college students develop experience in impactful areas of work, building the next generation of young leaders.
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