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Digital surveillance and reproductive rights


Technically Optimistic

Where we break down transformational technology and ask how it can be developed and deployed with society’s best interests at heart.

    • 61 min

      Policed by our data

      Season 2, Episode 5

    • 56 min

      Digital surveillance and reproductive rights

      Season 2, Episode 4

    • Technically Optimistic 61 min

      Your data, your vote

      Season 2, Episode 3


    Almost There

    A podcast about what it takes to make transformational change.

      • Image of Joan Salwen with Almost There branding32 min

        You can do WHAT with seaweed???

        Season 1, Episode 20

      • Tiana Epps Johnson portrait with text: Almost There30 min

        Want to protect democracy? Hug an election official.

        Season 1, Episode 19

      • Sriram Shamasunder portrait with text: Almost There47 min

        The marvelous connections between poetry and medicine

        Season 1, Episode 18