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Image of the back of Dwayne Betts, with Chuck Yarborough facing him behind a microphone

How to teach history in a divided America? Let students think for themselves.


Technically Optimistic

Where we ask experts at the forefront of transformation how the power of AI can be developed and deployed for social good.

    • 65 min

      AI and Accountability: Who is responsible for managing AI?

      Episode 6

    • 62 min

      On Strike! How will AI impact the economy, culture, and the future of creativity?

      Episode 5

    • Education and AI: What does AI have to teach us?57 min

      Education and AI: What does AI have to teach us?

      Episode 4


    Almost There

    A podcast about what it takes to make transformational social change.

      • Image of Joan Salwen with Almost There branding32 min

        You can do WHAT with seaweed???

        Episode 20

      • Tiana Epps Johnson portrait with text: Almost There30 min

        Want to protect democracy? Hug an election official.

        Episode 19

      • Sriram Shamasunder portrait with text: Almost There47 min

        The marvelous connections between poetry and medicine

        Episode 18