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The power of the collective


Emerson Collective is a company that invests in entrepreneurs and innovators driven by purpose and a sense of possibility, working to create a world of abundance for future generations.

Complex challenges in education and economic mobility, immigration and the environment require audacious ideas, rigorous thinking and hard work. At EC, we are proud to partner with those taking big swings with humility (about our role) and hustle (because it’s about damn time).

  • Laurene Powell Jobs
    Founder and President
  • Flav Abellana
    Senior Financial Analyst, Finance
  • Carlos Agosta
    IT Support Engineer, Information Technology
  • Rahul Agrawal
    Senior Director, Workplace Experience and Facilities
  • Kafia Ahmed
    Senior Event Manager, Events
  • George Albrecht
    Senior CRM Developer, Information Technology
  • Limantis Alcantara
    Front Desk Receptionist, Workplace Experience
  • Russlynn Ali
    Managing Director, Education Fund
  • Ahely Allende
    Director, Immigrant Justice, Philanthropy
  • William Ames
    Portfolio Director, Philanthropy
  • Kat Anderson
    Investment Counsel, Legal
  • Tim Anderson
    Director, Workplace Experience
  • Jennifer Arceneaux
    Senior Director, Culture Council
  • Christin Arthur
    Executive Assistant and Analyst, Research
  • Ariel Ausmer
    Executive Assistant, Policy and Government Affairs
  • Maru Zurlo Balbi
    Executive Assistant, Immigration
  • Samantha Bangs
    Events Manager, Events
  • Julien Barber
    Energy & Environment Senior Associate, Venture Investing
  • Dan Baum
    Senior Director of Operations, Finance
  • Aaron Beagle
    IT Support Engineer, Information Technology
  • Kevin Belz
    IT Support Engineer, Information Technology
  • Mia Bernardino
    Director, Real Estate Investments, East Palo Alto
  • Ariane Bertrand
    Senior Director, Thriving Communities, East Palo Alto
  • Cheryl Blanchette
    Portfolio Director, Social Innovation, Philanthropy
  • Rebecca Blanck-Weiss
    Site Operations Manager, Workplace Experience
  • Scott Bromley
    Venture Investing, Media
  • Emily Bronkesh-Buchbinder
    Senior Director, Creative Strategy and Insights, Brand Creative Studio
  • Christy Brook
    General Counsel, Legal
  • Michael Bruce
    Senior Director, Venture Investing (Environment & Energy)
  • Anne Marie Burgoyne
    Managing Director, Philanthropy
  • Alex Burke
    Director, Communications and Insight System, Engineering
  • Ariadne Caldwell
    Executive Assistant, Events
  • Britt Carmon
    Manager, Policy and Government Affairs
  • Tanya Carter
    Executive Assistant to Managing Director, Special Projects, & Supporting Chief Operating Officer
  • Elka Chamberlin
    Director, Portfolio Services, Venture Investing
  • Tiffany Chao
    Analyst, Portfolio Support, Venture Investing
  • Abbye Churchill
    Senior Director, Advisory, Culture Council
  • Gui Clemente
    Analyst, Finance
  • Brad Colby
    Executive Assistant, Philanthropy
  • Maddie Cooper
    Social Media Coordinator, Communications and Campaigns
  • Marshall Craigmyle
    Events AV Technician, Information Technology
  • Tytiana Curtain
    Policy Analyst, Policy and Government Affairs
  • Katy Cutright
    Director, Project Development, Communications and Campaigns
  • Rhea Datta
    Investment Associate
  • E’mani Davis
    Venture Success Analyst, Venture Investing
  • Eric Dayton
    Senior Product Manager, CRM, Engineering
  • Connie Deng
    Associate Director, Venture Investing
  • Megan Dino
    Senior Program Manager, Fellowships
  • Shannon Dow
    Director, Program Management, Brand Creative Studio
  • Michael Dowd
    Data Scientist, Engineering
  • Arne Duncan
    Managing Director, CRED
  • Kevin Dupzyk
    Senior Editor, Fellowships
  • Patrick D’Arcy
    Senior Director, Fellowships and Portfolio Communications
  • Emily Eakland
    Venue Manager, Events
  • Abby Elgie
    IT System Administrator, Information Technology
  • Adina Ellis
    Director, Communications, Finance
  • Sterling Elmore
    Director, Communications and Campaigns
  • Jeff Enssle
    Events AV Technician, Information Technology
  • Jorge Escobar
    Director of Engineering, Engineering
  • Scott Exner
    In-House Counsel, Legal
  • Priyanka Falor
    Assistant Controller, Finance
  • Jeano Fede
    Specialist, Workplace Experience
  • Katherine Fetscher
    Senior Associate, Venture Investing
  • Marshall Fitz
    Managing Director, Immigration
  • Season Flores
    Operations Manager, Legal
  • Matt Freedman
    Fund Assistant Controller, Finance
  • Monica Fuentes
    Director, Strategy and Policy, Immigration
  • Desiree Furness
    Executive Assistant to Managing Director, Immigration
  • Richard Gagliano
    Director, Events
  • Debora Galán
    Coordinator, Workplace Experience
  • Teresa Garcia
    Director for Government Relations, Latin America, Immigration
  • Brittnee Gauthier
    Site Coordinator, East Palo Alto
  • Jesse Gazzuolo
    Senior Creative Director, Brand Creative Studio
  • Allison Ghajar
    Senior Director, Student Opportunity, Philanthropy
  • Dingli Graham
    Head of Asset Management, Finance
  • Nishickia Griddle
    Support Engineer, Information Technology
  • Chad Griffin
    Managing Director, Innovation and Impact
  • Elena Hale
    Managing Director, Chief Brand and Creative Officer
  • Dana Hall-Murphy
    Director, Programs, Sycamore & Oak
  • Tammekca Henderson
    Senior Manager, People Operations
  • Hanna Henson
    Senior IT Support Engineer, Information Technology
  • Sami Higgins
    Social Media Director, Communications and Campaigns
  • Federica Hughes
    Executive Assistant to Chief Technology Officer
  • Jim Hugo
    Director of Events Operations, Events
  • Emily Hyden
    Coordinator, Workplace Experience
  • Anna Iannarone
    Senior Manager of Payroll, Finance
  • Albert Ignacio
    Creative Director, Brand Creative Studio
  • Shannon Jarvis
    Manager, Workplace Experience
  • Marissa Jennings
    Manager, Partnerships and Alumni Engagement, Youth and Community Engagement
  • John Joanino
    Manager, Innovation and Impact
  • Jennifer Jones
    Executive Assistant, Media
  • George Kane
    General Manager, Education Ventures, Ed-Tech
  • Zeena Karim
    Senior Manager, Events Communications and Platforms, Events
  • Joe Kennedy
    Senior Advisor
  • Doug Khong
    IT Support Engineer, Information Technology
  • Marie Kim
    Executive Assistant, Venture Investing
  • Barbara Kinney
    Senior Photographer & Photo Editor, Brand Creative Studio
  • Gabe Kleinman
    Operating Partner, Venture Investing
  • James Kleven
    Senior Director, People Operations
  • Chris Klosterman
    Design Director, Brand Creative Studio
  • Stephen Kolar
    Senior Director, Financial Planning and Analysis, Finance
  • Eric Koshimizu
    Producer, Brand Creative Studio
  • Raffi Krikorian
    Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer
  • Jocelyn Kuo
    Talent Operations Specialist, People
  • Peter Lattman
    Managing Director, Media
  • Mele K. Latu
    Senior Manager, Community Collaborations, East Palo Alto
  • Kristine Leary
    Director of Investments, Finance
  • Joanna Lichter
    Associate Director, Venture Investing
  • Logan Ling
    Coordinator, Workplace Experience
  • Dawn Lippert
    Senior Climate Advisor & CEO, Elemental Excelerator
  • Laurence Littleton
    IT Manager, Information Technology
  • Colin Liu
    Education Analyst, Philanthropy
  • Kenny Lo
    Senior IT Support Engineer, Information Technology
  • Jennifer Lovely-Ramos
    Executive Assistant, Brand Creative Studio
  • Amy Low
    Managing Director, Fellowships and Nonprofit Media
  • Ana Macouzet
    Director, Hemispheric Migration, Immigration
  • Jasmin Malone
    Senior Director, Research and Strategy, Engineering
  • Fern Mandelbaum
    Managing Director, Venture Investing
  • Madeline Marotto
    Director, Executive Producer, Brand Creative Studio
  • Courtney Marsh
    Senior Analyst, Social Innovation, Philanthropy
  • Kelly May
    Executive Assistant & Associate, Communications and Campaigns
  • Todd McDaniel
    IT System Administrator, Information Technology
  • Steve McDermid
    Managing Director, Venture Investing
  • Tanya Mitrofanova
    Associate Salesforce Developer, Engineering
  • Alicia Molt-West
    Director, Policy and Government Affairs
  • Rachel Mooney
    Director, Information Technology
  • Justino Mora
    Senior Full Stack Software Engineer, Engineering
  • Luisa Morales
    Senior Software Engineer, Engineering
  • Tyler Moran
    Managing Director, Policy and Government Affairs
  • Ashley Morgan
    Director, Communications and Campaigns
  • Sydney Moses
    Support Engineer, Information Technology
  • Liz Mundle
    Director, Social and Print Production, Brand Creative Studio
  • Christopher Murray
    Accounts Payable Analyst, Finance
  • Jim Mylen
    Senior Advisor, Education, Ed-Tech
  • Carman Nareau
    Product Portfolio Manager, Engineering
  • Rudi Navarra
    Senior Director, Environmental Justice, Philanthropy
  • Annette Navarro
    Senior Accountant, Finance
  • Diedra Nelson
    Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer
  • Arianne Nichol
    Senior Director, Events
  • Faisal Ojjeh
    Analyst, Political
  • Christine Olsen
    Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff & Managing Director, Strategy
  • Elizabeth O'Malley
    Senior Portfolio Manager, Culture Council
  • Lola Oyzboyd
    Controller, Finance
  • Sofia Palumbo-Dawson
    Manager, Events
  • Hannah Passafuime Lovett
    Director, Youth and Community Engagement
  • Kristen Perez
    Analyst, Philanthropy
  • Angela Perry
    Senior Director, People
  • Kimmy Phan
    Senior Analyst, Social Innovation, Philanthropy
  • Heather Piccotto
    Administrative Specialist, Philanthropy
  • Amber Piearcy
    Director, Talent Management, People
  • Jessica Pinate
    HR Manager, People
  • Sarah Pinto
    Senior Director, Venture Investing
  • Zevin Polzin
    Senior Web Application Developer, Engineering
  • Brad Powell
    Managing Director, Investments
  • Naomi Powell
    Coordinator, Fellowships and Nonprofit Media
  • Chris Quinn
    Senior Manager, Workplace Experience
  • Sarah Rahman
    Chief of Staff and Senior Director, Philanthropy
  • Koushal Rao
    Associate, Investments
  • Robin Reck
    Managing Director, Communications and Campaigns
  • Daniel Reyes
    Director, Education, Philanthropy
  • Renae Rico
    Executive Assistant to the COO
  • Courtney Rochelle
    Director of Scheduling, Office of the President
  • Tara Romig
    Event Manager, Events
  • Alyssa Rowell
    Senior Fund Accountant, Finance
  • Stacey Rubin
    Chief of Staff & Managing Director, Strategy
  • Brenda Salas
    Operations Manager, Internship Program
  • Mariana Salem
    Venue Director, Events
  • Camila Salvador
    Immigration Policy and Communications Analyst, Immigration
  • Martin Sanchez
    IT Support Engineer, Information Technology
  • Viridiana Santacruz
    Analyst, Immigrant Justice, Philanthropy
  • Rodney Scaife
    Managing Director, Head of People
  • Susy Schoeneberg
    Director, Venture Investing
  • Michael Schrum
    Senior Director, Political
  • Sophie Schwartz
    Associate, Political & Campaigns
  • Katie Sempek Palefsky
    Director, Grants Operations, Philanthropy
  • Marc Sepama
    Senior Analyst, Global Health Equity, Philanthropy
  • Areeba Shah
    Analyst, Nonprofit Journalism, Media
  • Ada Sim
    Senior Director, Product, Engineering
  • David Simas
    Managing Director, Research
  • Alex Simon
    Director, Media Portfolio and Storytelling Partnerships, Media
  • Ben Smith
    Specialist, Workplace Experience
  • Adam Sneed
    Writer, Communications and Campaigns
  • Erika Sosa-Campos
    Director, Student Opportunity
  • Kristine Soto
    Director, Creative Development and Production, Brand Creative Studio
  • Eleni Estia Spanos
    Manager, Strategy and Operations, Philanthropy
  • Elizabeth Spencer
    Executive Assistant, Innovation and Impact
  • Rich Spott
    Senior IT Support Engineer, IT Projects
  • Marcy Stech
    Director, Fellowships and Nonprofit Media
  • Michael Stennis
    Director, Communications and Campaigns
  • Hannah Stonebraker
    Senior Program Manager, Nonprofit Media
  • Shelbi Sturgess
    Director, Events
  • Shana Tabak
    Director, Immigration
  • Dan Tangherlini
    Managing Director, Special Projects
  • Bryan Tollin
    In-House Counsel, Legal
  • Sara Toubiana
    Director, Talent Acquisition, People
  • Melissa Trujillo
    Senior Manager, Workplace Experience
  • Tien Truong
    Manager, IT Projects
  • Corinne Tsai
    Analyst, Environmental Justice, Philanthropy
  • Karra Tuluenga
    Senior Manager, Operations
  • Melissa Uhl
    Climate Advisor & Chief Growth Officer, Elemental Excelerator
  • Cassia van der Hoof Holstein
    Senior Advisor
  • Mark Vargas
    Data Engineer, Engineering
  • Darla Vaughn
    Director, Strategy Development, Culture Council
  • Allyson Vaux
    Executive Assistant
  • Bri Vu
    People Operations Associate, People
  • Quoc Vu
    Manager, Information Technology
  • Alex Wang
    Manager of Research
  • Nicholas Warmington
    Manager, Information Technology
  • Miles Watkins
    Senior Software Engineer, Engineering
  • Jessica Weathersbee
    Specialist, Workplace Experience
  • Melinda Wegent
    Specialist, Workplace Experience
  • Ben Wessel
    Director, State and Local Political Affairs
  • Kylie Wheeler
    Senior Operations Manager, Brand Creative Studio
  • Jon Willard
    Senior Creative Director, Brand Creative Studio
  • Sarah Wu
    Senior Associate, Venture Investing
  • Ahmad Younus
    Senior Manager, IT Systems, Information Technology
  • Alexandra Zafris
    Executive Assistant, Office of the President

*Although Elemental Excelerator is related to Emerson Collective, it is a separate entity.