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Who’s watching the kids?

June 05, 2024

Season 2, Episode 6



Whether we like it or not, the kids are online — and they’re being tracked just like the rest of us. Who’s after their data, and why? We examine the harms minors face online — from how tech companies profit off addictive usership, to the consequences of social media on kids’ mental health and emotional development — and we explore some new proposals for how to protect their privacy. Are more parental controls the answer? Should there be a “kids-only internet”? Will newly-proposed laws be the key? Or will these bills cause more harm than good?

In this episode, Raffi is joined by U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT); author Rosalind Wiseman; Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen; research fellow Tiera Tanksley; Jim Steyer, CEO of Common Sense Media; and Manmeet Dhindsa, attorney at the Federal Trade Commission.

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