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Education and AI: What does AI have to teach us?

July 21, 2023

Season 1, Episode 4



Can we use AI as a tool that enriches learning, rather than replacing it? We're seeing AI rapidly revolutionize the classroom and it's poised to completely transform both education and learning itself. But, how can we also ensure that everyone has access to the basics of tech and AI literacy so that we can all, every one of us, reap the benefits of AI and understand its nuances?

In this episode, we explore the potential of AI to enrich learning, and discuss how we can ensure that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from this technology with student advocate Sneha Revanur; Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy; Pat Yongpradit, Director of Education at; Teemu Roos, professor at the University of Helsinki and leader of the AI Education program at the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence; and machine learning pioneer Professor Tom Mitchell. Together, they discuss the ways in which AI will shape education—and future generations.

Technically Optimistic

Where we break down transformational technology and ask how it can be developed and deployed with society’s best interests at heart.

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