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Venture Capital


We partner with consequential companies delivering generational impact and venture-scale returns, across all stages.


As venture investors, we focus where the biggest market opportunities meet the most meaningful levers of impact: climate, healthcare, fintech, edtech, work, and media. We harness the power of the Collective to help our companies scale over the long-term. Emerson Collective is a place where great leaders come to do difficult things.

Our Portfolio

Meet a selection of the consequential companies in our portfolio.

Meet Our Team

Companies bringing high-quality healthcare to underserved segments of the market.


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more from our work

    • Philanthropy

      We partner with nonprofits to create a more just and equitable future for individuals and communities.
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    • Immigration

      Image of a border wall with a mural of a large sized child looking over it
      America benefits economically and culturally when immigrants are celebrated for their contributions.
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    • Environment

      Entrepreneurs working together with communities can build an equitable and resilient climate future.
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    • Education

      Every child deserves an education that will prepare them to thrive in a competitive and rapidly changing world.
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    • Media and Journalism

      High-quality journalism and storytelling are crucial to a healthy democracy.
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    • Gun Violence Reduction in Chicago

      A radical reduction in gun violence is within reach.
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    • Race and Equity in the South

      A more just, inclusive, and equitable South is possible if we confront racism head-on.
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    • Fellowships

      Our Fellows are advancing important new work in education, immigration, the environment, social justice, media, and health.
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    • Internships

      Emerson Collective’s two internship programs help college students develop experience in impactful areas of work, building the next generation of young leaders.
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