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Demo Day 2019

Never doubt what a collective can do.

Emerson Collective’s annual Demo Day brought together some of our most inspiring thinkers, innovators, and change-makers for a day of dialogue and celebration.

MARC BAMUTHI JOSEPH: A moving and urgent performance of “You Have the Rite,” which debuted in September 2018 at Pop-Up Magazine, a touring live-magazine show.

MARÍA TERESA KUMAR (Voto Latino): Voto Latino engages, educates, and empowers young Latinos to create change and build a stronger, more inclusive democracy.

EVAN SMITH (The Texas Tribune): If democracy relies on the free press, we must find new models for vibrant local news. The Texas Tribune shows us one path forward.

MARIELENA HINCAPIÉ (National Immigration Law Center): It’s more important than ever to defend and advance the rights of low-income immigrants, and help them thrive. Hincapié asks us to join the fight.

CHRIS TERRILL (Crosstown High School): What happens when you teach students that they have power and agency? A story from Terrill, the executive director of Crosstown High, an innovative public charter high school serving a diverse population in Memphis, Tennessee.

CHARLES BEST (DonorsChoose): An update on the work of DonorsChoose, a nonprofit crowdfunding platform that makes it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need by donating field trips, books, supplies, and more.

ARIEL EKBLAW (MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative): The Space Exploration Initiative brings together artists, scientists, engineers, and designers to prototype the tools and technologies that will let people thrive in an interplanetary future.

EDUARDO PADRÓN (Miami Dade College): In conversation with The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal. Miami Dade College is the largest institution of higher education in the nation, enrolling more minority students than any other college or university.

ROB ROGERS (Editorial Cartoonist): In 2018, after 25 years on staff at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Rob Rogers was fired for doing his job: drawing cartoons critical of the president.

BRANDAN “BMIKE” ODUMS (Studio BE): In conversation with Jennifer Arceneaux, Emerson Collective's Director of Strategy Integration. BMike is a public artist who sees his work as a collaboration with the community and a dialogue with his audience.

JASMINE CROWE (Goodr): Since its founding in 2017, Goodr has helped businesses donate over one million pounds of surplus food to nonprofits that serve the people who need it.

HAL HARVEY (Energy Innovation): The world needs policy solutions that effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions—on a giant scale. As CEO of Energy Innovation, Harvey seeks strategies that can have the most impact.

MAX KRUMMEL (ImmunoX): Professor Krummel is a champion of collaborative science; his ImmunoX Initiative promotes data sharing and joint research across fields, disciplines, demographics, and geographies.

BILLY MOORE (Inner-City Muslim Action Network): Billy Moore is a case manager and life coach with the Inner-City Muslim Action Network, where he supports the physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs of formerly incarcerated people reintegrating into communities.

JULIENNE OYLER (African Entrepreneur Collective): African Entrepreneur Collective helps accelerate innovation and drive growth across Africa, offering entrepreneurs the support and resources they need to grow their businesses and create jobs in their communities.

ANDREW YOUN (One Acre Fund): One Acre Fund fights poverty and hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa by offering financing and agricultural training to rural farmers; today, the Fund serves almost one million families and is on track to double in size over the next five years.

SARAH HEMMINGER (Thread): Thread harnesses the power of human connection, building durable networks of support between at-risk students and community-based volunteers, with the aim of improving educational, economic, and emotional outcomes for everyone involved.

JON BOOGZ & LIL BUCK (Movement Art Is): A performance of "Am I A Man" with music by Coup Coo Nation featuring narration by Bryan Stevenson.

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