ECYC places college students in paid summer internship opportunities within Emerson Collective and through our national network of partners.*

Applications open through February 22, 2023.


what is ecyc?

The mission of ECYC is to create a community that ensures students feel equipped to achieve self-reliance and advance social change.

In partnership with George Washington University and Smithsonian Institution, we provide eight-week internships around the country focused on engaging and activating young people to lead in the communities where they live and work. All organizations in ECYC believe we can strengthen our work through learning and working alongside young leaders.

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What can I expect from this internship?

ECYC is more than a summer internship—it is a holistic and interactive professional development experience. Interns will develop lifelong professional connections as an ECYC Alumni. Daily work is enhanced by:



Networking and Connectivity

Alumni Community



We believe we are stronger, more powerful, and can create more opportunities for young leaders when we collaborate. When young leaders come together bringing a diversity of experiences to the table, networks expand, ideas flow, and the capacity to impact positive change in our communities increases. We look forward to reading your application!

What are the internship opportunities?

Emerson Collective

George Washington University: Honey Nashman Center

Smithsonian Institution


What should we know about COVID-19 and vaccine requirements?

Are all ECYC organizations using the same application, selection, and interview timeline?

How do I apply for an internship with each organization?

Am I allowed to apply and interview for an internship with multiple organizations within ECYC?

Am I allowed to edit my application after it has been submitted?

Am I allowed to submit more than one Emerson Collective Summer Internship Application?

Do my references need to submit a letter of recommendation on my behalf?

Do I need to submit a cover letter?

How will I know if I am selected for an interview?

Is it possible that I would be interviewed more than once?

Should I apply if I am a rising freshman in college?

Should I apply if I am a graduating senior in college?

Should I apply if I am currently attending graduate school?

What can I expect from provided housing?

I have a planned vacation or conflict that overlaps with the program. Am I allowed to miss days or sessions?

I have a school or work conflict that overlaps with the program. Am I allowed to miss days or sessions?

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