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Marjorie Morrison

Dial Fellowship

On a mission to make mental health care accessible for everyone on the planet.

Data show that up to 46% of adults will be diagnosed with a mental health condition at some point in their life. When people seek treatment, it can be incredibly confusing: How do I choose a provider? What kind of treatment is right? Insurance, or no insurance? What about overlapping symptoms?

Psychotherapist Marjorie Morrison witnessed this confusion firsthand while running her own private practice, and while providing mental-health care and guidance to military veterans and their families. In hopes of creating more effective pathways to healing, she and congressman Patrick J. Kennedy teamed up to launch Psych Hub, an online education platform.

Since launching in 2018, Psych Hub has become a go-to resource for mental-health education, resources, and community by offering accessible and evidence-based information on a vast expanse of mental-health topics. It’s not just for patients—Psych Hub provides services for employers and mental-health-care providers, training them in evidence-based interventions and offering courses that allow them to upskill into specialists. With millions of visitors each month—and mental-health content designed to support companies, government agencies, universities, and patients—Psych Hub has become a leading resource for anyone seeking care.