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Clementine Jacoby

Demo Day 2023

Co-founder and CEO | Recidiviz

Clementine Jacoby Headshot

Clementine Jacoby, Executive Director of Recidiviz, has witnessed the devastation that prison sentences cause individuals and families—and how difficult it can be to exit a system in which 8 in 10 people return to prison within a decade of release. She co-founded Recidiviz to engage data in the fight against avoidable incarceration. Previously, Clementine was a product manager at Google—and, briefly, a circus performer, before a career-ending bout of dengue fever led her back to Stanford University, where she obtained a BS in Symbolic Systems. Her work, which she shared in a 2022 TED Talk, “How Bad Data Traps People in the U.S. Justice System,” has been recognized by Forbes’ “30 Under 30,” Fast Company’s “Most Creative People,” and Time’s “Next 100 Most Influential People.”

About Recidiviz   

Civic tech nonprofit Recidiviz partners with the U.S. Department of Corrections to modernize its use of data and drive decarceration at scale. Recidiviz’s open-source tools identify thousands of people who are eligible for release and yet remain behind bars due to eligibility criteria being scattered across disconnected databases, leaving people lost in the system. It is building platforms to turn fragmented criminal justice data into actionable insights for practitioners, policymakers, researchers, and the public: assisting states in implementing bipartisan criminal justice reform and helping agencies track which programs and policies are—and aren’t—working. To date, Recidiviz has helped accelerate 75,000 people out of the criminal justice system: reuniting families, increasing reentry success, and saving states more than $1 billion.