Equipping remarkable social entrepreneurs with new communications tools to strengthen their voices and extend the impact of their work.

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Current Fellows

Writers, journalists, and storytellers working on ambitious new book projects.

Azam Ahmed


Reporter at the New York Times, and an author examining the nature of impunity in Mexico and its brutal toll on Mexican citizens.

Mona Chalabi

Data Journalist

Through reporting and hand-drawn illustrations, Mona Chalabi brings data to life, telling accessible stories about the numbers shaping our future.

Tanisha C. Ford

Historian and Author

Historian exploring how the intersecting forces of culture, economics, and philanthropy drive racial justice.

Justine van der Leun


Independent journalist with a focus on the intersection of gender-based violence and the criminal legal system.

Abrahm Lustgarten

Investigative reporter

Award-winning investigative reporter and author examining human adaptation to the climate crisis.

Former Fellows


At Emerson Collective, we look continuously for breakthroughs that can create new avenues of opportunity for individuals, families, and communities. But we also know that breakthroughs are only the beginning. If these breakthroughs are to spark lasting change, new stories must be told that capture the public’s imagination and lay a foundation for progress.

That’s why we built a fellowship program that provides remarkable leaders with new communications tools and resources to tell the stories of their breakthroughs, captivate new audiences, shape important public conversations, and ultimately, extend the reach and impact of their work.

While Dial Fellows are pursuing a wide-range of topics, they each share a common vision of a more just world, where opportunity is more equally distributed.

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