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Tatewin Means

Dial Fellowship

Carrying forward the legacy of her Lakota ancestors, fighting for freedom and creating healing pathways to a liberated future.

Indigenous peoples in the U.S. and around the world endure the destructive legacy of colonization. As Executive Director of Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation, Tatewin Means knows there are also many stories of hope, resilience, and healing—and a brighter future on the horizon.

Thunder Valley is a grassroots, community organization working for the liberation of Lakota people. Through initiatives dedicated to bison restoration, Lakota language revitalization, youth leadership development, and workforce development, Thunder Valley is working to heal Lakota people. Their 34-acre, energy-sovereign Regenerative Community Development in Oglala Lakota Territory is rooted in Lakota identity, rather than Eurocentric planning and design ideals. Currently, the development has 21 single-family homes, a community center, a 12-unit apartment building, and a regenerative farm. Eventually, it will gain a commercial hub, more homes, art and ceremonial spaces, and business centers.

“Our vision as an organization is: Liberation for Lakota people through language, lifeways, and spirituality,” Means says.