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Nedgine Paul Deroly

Dial Fellowship

Leading a movement for educational justice and equity in Haiti.

In rural Haiti, only 30% of children currently complete primary school, 10% complete secondary school, and 1% continue to higher education. As a proud daughter of Haiti and an educator with experience creating curriculum and leadership-development trainings, Nedgine Paul Deroly started Anseye Pou Ayiti (APA) to change this reality.

Under her leadership, APA is building a network of civic leaders to spread education equity, recruiting and training teachers, parents, school directors, and students to transform Haiti’s education system. APA’s innovative approach breaks down the walls between classroom and community by incorporating culture and customs into teaching and learning: Parents, school leaders, and teachers co-create the classroom experience, and Haitian Kreyòl is used as a language of instruction. In the past five years, APA has reached over 11,000 students across 80 partner schools. Almost 90% have passed primary school on time and at grade level. By 2025, Anseye Pou Ayiti will equip 50,000 civic leaders transforming schools and communities across Haiti.

"As the first Black republic, Haiti still has a major role in anti-racism and liberation efforts around the world,” Deroly says. “APA will be a model for all other countries where the education system remains a vestige of colonialism.”

Learn how an education-justice advocate is building a movement for educational justice and equity in Haiti.