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Kyle Michelson

Demo Day 2022


A few years ago, Kyle Michelson found himself spending much more time in waiting rooms than with the lab technician he had been waiting to see. Knowing there had to be a better way, he began researching the workings of telehealth companies to understand why they couldn’t deliver the nuanced care patients needed. He discovered that the missing link was the ability to perform lab tests remotely, so he founded Getlabs, which enables healthcare providers to make informed medical decisions remotely by dispatching its fully-employed, tech-enabled phlebotomists to patients and collecting diagnostic tests including labs, vitals, and biometrics. This service allows patients to be seen by top specialists, assisted by in-person medical professionals who come directly to them, at a much lower cost than a traditional medical visit. Prior to Getlabs, Michelson was the founder of Streamup (YC 2016), a live video streaming platform that connected millions of users. He studied at the University of Southern California and the London School of Economics.


About Getlabs

Getlabs provides nationwide infrastructure for delivering healthcare directly to patients. By partnering with healthcare organizations and providers, Getlabs dispatches in-person medical professionals to collect diagnostic tests and make medical decisions remotely, unlocking the full potential of telehealth to treat more than 70% of medical conditions, including chronic conditions and primary care.

Learn more about Getlabs here.


When you look back in five years, what do you hope you and your organization have accomplished?

In five years, we will have gone above and beyond our mission to save lives by delivering outstanding healthcare to everyone. We hope to have inspired organizations in every industry, including our own, to embrace our founding values and help transform the way people are receiving care and engaging with the medical system. We believe that healthcare should be straightforward, accessible, affordable, and high-quality, and as we grow we will continue to make strides in getting that kind of care to more people and communities.


How is the changing climate impacting your work?

We have closed down markets at times due to adverse weather events such as the recent hurricane in Florida and fires in California. Extreme weather episodes like these bring the message home: Every industry and every person is affected by climate change. We hope that our services can help those living in directly affected areas have an easier time getting care when they need it. Additionally, in the near future, we hope to make changes within our company that will help offset our footprint, including utilizing eco-friendly vehicles for all of our medical professionals.