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Julia Collins

Dial Fellowship

On a mission to make consumer products part of the solution to climate change.

Julia Collins has spent her career building food companies, helping to launch and grow brands such as Mexicue, Murray’s Cheese Bar, and Harlem Jazz Enterprises. Later, she became the first Black woman to co-found a startup that would reach “unicorn” status (valued at more than $1 billion) after launching her robotic pizza company, Zume, in 2018.

Today, Collins leads Planet FWD, a company on a mission to tackle climate change by making it easier for brands to make climate-friendly products. Planet FWD’s platform reduces the cost and complexity of bringing sustainable and carbon neutral products to market, providing the tools for brands to create more sustainable, responsible, and regenerative supply chains, and get on a path to net-zero emissions. The platform is inspired by Planet FWD’s own snack brand, Moonshot, which launched in 2020 as the first climate-friendly snack brand.

In addition, Collins sits on the advisory council for Launch with GS and the Food for Climate League board, serves on the All Raise operating committee, and is an EIR for Cleo Capital. She is an active angel investor focused on funding female entrepreneurs and BIPOC founders.