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Frances Messano

Dial Fellowship

Reimagining public education in the U.S. by identifying, funding, and nurturing bold new ideas in education.

A solid education is one of the key building blocks for a rich, fulfilling life. Too many children — especially children of color living in low-income communities — have limited access to learning opportunities.

As CEO of NewSchools Venture Fund, a national nonprofit venture philanthropy working to reimagine public education, Frances Messano is working to make sure every young person in the country gets an excellent education. NewSchools finds, funds, and supports innovative leaders who want to improve educational opportunities in communities that are traditionally overlooked. Over the last six years, NewSchools has invested more than $250 million in nearly 500 education ventures—investments that were instrumental in the creation of nearly 100 new schools, new ed tech products that serve millions of students and their teachers, and new recruitment and retention initiatives to diversify the education workforce.

“I want to assemble the most diverse and dedicated army of innovators, community leaders, and philanthropists to reimagine public education for good,” Messano says.