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Recover and Renew Cohort

Our fellowships lift extraordinary people with bold ideas. Meet the latest cohort of Emerson Collective Fellows.

This year, we have been living through the collision of two interconnected crises, each long in the making: the crisis of systemic, racial injustice, and the COVID-19 pandemic, which has, because of long-standing inequalities, disproportionately impacted Black, Indigenous, and Latinx communities.

At Emerson Collective, we know there is no single solution for these challenges. That’s why, this fall, we set out to select a cohort of Emerson Collective Fellows who are working across domains on original, COVID-19-related projects that address systemic racial and economic inequality, reimagine our systems, and show us the path to a just recovery.

This new cohort is cross-disciplinary by design—our group includes a data journalist, epidemiologist, choreographer, chef, photographer, and visionary individuals working where these domains collide. What connects them all is a shared commitment to equity and justice—guiding principles for healthier and stronger communities.

We call this group the Recover and Renew Cohort. Their projects are helping us to recover from a deadly virus, to heal, and to nourish both our bodies, and our souls. And their projects are helping to renew, deepen, and actualize our commitment to one another. Through their work, we hope to begin to replace what has long been broken with something new.

The Emerson Collective Fellowship aims to encourage people of exceptional talent to advance bold new projects in Emerson Collective’s priority areas: education, immigration, social justice, the environment, media, and health. The fellowship gives individuals autonomy to advance their current work, pursue exciting new chapters with unknown destinations, and make lasting breakthroughs.