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Meet the Community Champions, a new cohort of Emerson Collective Fellows

At Emerson Collective, we believe that lasting change often begins locally and is most durable when neighbors work hand in hand to achieve it. The leaders who see and touch our lives every day are the best equipped to make them better: To improve local access to fresh food. To create music that brings a community together. To nurture vibrant downtown spaces where everyone belongs. 

That is why, this year, we are excited to welcome the Community Champions Cohort of Emerson Collective Fellows. Each of these 12 extraordinary individuals is undertaking a hyperlocal project focused on bridging divides and knitting their community together. Driven by a deep understanding of the hopes and aspirations of their neighbors, and building on decades spent developing relationships and expertise that are firmly rooted in place, their work strengthens the civic fabric that bonds us together.

We believe that if we follow the lead of these Champs—as we’ve taken to calling them—we might find ourselves on a path to a stronger, more unified country, too.

The Emerson Collective Fellowship aims to encourage people of exceptional talent to advance bold new projects in Emerson Collective’s priority areas: education, immigration, social justice, the environment, media, and health. The fellowship gives individuals autonomy to advance their current work, pursue exciting new chapters with unknown destinations, and make lasting breakthroughs.