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Climate Cohort

At Emerson Collective, we know that in order to confront the climate crisis and build a pathway to a cleaner, healthier planet, we’ll need brilliant minds working together across a wide range of disciplines to reduce carbon emissions, write equitable policies for clean energy, and articulate a vision for an abundant future for all. Yes, we need people who specialize in climate—but to truly realize that abundant future, our planet needs more. We need journalists, landscape architects, artists, lawyers, poets, entrepreneurs, chefs—and everything in between.

We believe that all of us must lend our talents to the work of protecting the planet, and making sure that all of us who share it can flourish.

This is why, this year, we are excited to announce the Climate Pivoters, a new cohort of Emerson Collective Fellows—a group of extraordinary individuals from a range of backgrounds who are each in the process of embarking on a new climate-centered body of work, equipped with the knowledge and expertise they’ve built over their career. And as they turn their attention to climate change, they’ll also expand the coalition of communities working to shape our planet’s green future, delivering the breakthroughs only achievable when new perspectives are applied to our toughest problems.

The Emerson Collective Fellowship aims to encourage people of exceptional talent to advance bold new projects in Emerson Collective’s priority areas: education, immigration, social justice, the environment, media, and health. The fellowship gives individuals autonomy to advance their current work, pursue exciting new chapters with unknown destinations, and make lasting breakthroughs.