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Dial Fellowship: Cohort 4

Here at Emerson Collective, we believe that individuals have extraordinary potential to build breakthrough solutions to our most pressing problems. And we also know that truly lasting change requires turning those breakthroughs into movements — a possibility unlocked when those individuals master the art of storytelling and use it to spark excitement, appeal to people’s sense of justice, and galvanize the public imagination.

That’s why we designed the Emerson Collective Dial Fellowship — a program that provides remarkable leaders with new tools to build their movements. And we’re thrilled to introduce our fourth cohort of Dial Fellows.

Among these twelve remarkable people, there are big ideas about building sustainable electric infrastructure and better physical spaces that engender community health and healing. There are innovative approaches to inspire young people to run for office and reimagine public education in the U.S. And there is a bold optimism among our Dial Fellows that when it comes to building a world where every individual has access to opportunity, health, and well-being, we are almost there.

At Emerson Collective, we look continuously for breakthroughs that can create new avenues of opportunity for individuals, families, and communities. But we also know that breakthroughs are only the beginning. If these breakthroughs are to spark lasting change, new stories must be told that capture the public’s imagination and lay a foundation for progress.

That’s why we built a fellowship program that provides remarkable leaders with new communications tools and resources to tell the stories of their breakthroughs, captivate new audiences, shape important public conversations, and ultimately, extend the reach and impact of their work.

While Dial Fellows are pursuing a wide-range of topics, they each share a common vision of a more just world, where opportunity is more equally distributed.