Technically Optimistic

Listen to Episode 6 of Technically Optimistic with guests Maria Ressa, Rosalind Picard, James Manyika, Kyunghyun Cho, and Renee DiResta.

65 min listen

Following our series on artificial intelligence, we are releasing a few bonus episodes. Hear extended interviews from voices we featured in the series, as well as new conversations with exciting guests you haven’t heard yet.

Up first: Bishop Paul Tighe is the Vatican’s Secretary for Culture and Education. His mandate is to engage with what humans are up to all over the world — and in this office he has developed an interest in AI. He talked with host Raffi Krikorian about why the Catholic Church has its eyes on Silicon Valley, the many ways that AI might affect humanity, and the things he thinks we need to hold onto as we head into the future.

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