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Officials Warn Immigrants of Notario Fraud

Following President Obama’s announcement of major changes to United States immigration policy last month, officials across the country, including California Attorney General Kamala Harris, are calling on immigrants and their families to be cautious about “notarios” offering help with legal services. The new immigration rules have not been implemented, so therefore federal immigration authorities are not accepting any applications at this time. Using unauthorized immigration consultants could cost families unnecessary fees, could delay the application process, and possibly lead to removal proceedings.

You can find resources on the President’s immigration policy reforms and how individuals can prepare at the Administrative Relief Resource Center.

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The Dream is Now: Where are They Now?

Tonight, we learned 5 million more undocumented immigrants will be granted temporary reprieve, which will allow them to work freely and contribute to communities across the country.

We decided to catch up with the four remarkable DREAMers from The Dream is Now documentary. Jose, Erika, Ola and Alejandro received temporary status in 2012, and their stories demonstrate that if given the opportunity, immigrants are poised to make our country stronger—as teachers, doctors, members of the military, and advocates.

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A Majority of Parents Worried that Children Aren’t Being Prepared for Success, According to New Education Post Poll

Education Post, a new non-profit and non-partisan organization dedicated to building support for student-focused improvements in public education, released new polling that shows while public school parents and grandparents embrace their local schools and teachers, 73% are worried that their children aren’t being prepared to compete in the global economy.

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Ebola: The Time to Give is NOW

As we hear the grim news everyday about the rise in Ebola cases and deaths, we’re all left with an urgency to help. But how? EC’s Anne Marie Burgoyne says that the time is now to give money to the organizations who are working on the ground to battle the Ebola outbreak. Giving money will really matter to help their efforts to continue to slow the spread of this deadly virus, as well as to help people who are suffering.

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DACA’s Got A Brand New Bag

Equal Justice Works Emerson Fellow Megan Sheffield travels Texas far and wide to provide “pop-up” clinics for individuals who qualify and are applying for DACA, a temporary immigration status for certain individuals who arrived in the US as children. Because of the great distances she travels within the state, she’s got her “pop-up” clinic packing list down to a science. She shares her efficient packing list with EC.

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IDEO.org Launches Design Tool Kit

If there is one thing that inspires us even more than a smart, passionate entrepreneur, it’s a smart, passionate entrepreneur equipped with a human-centered design mindset. Here at Emerson Collective, we have seen the power that human-centered design (HCD) can have on building solutions to the world’s toughest challenges. So we could not be more excited about the launch of IDEO.org’s Design Kit, an HCD treasure trove for social enterprises and innovators looking to rethink or refine their approach to creative problem solving.

Learn more at DesignKit.org

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Youth Speaks Founder Nominated for SF Visionary of the Year

James Kass, the founder of Youth Speaks, has been nominated for The San Francisco Chronicle’s inaugural Visionary of the Year Award. EC’s Laurene Powell Jobs says of Kass: “James is a voice giver. Through Youth Speaks, thousands of disadvantaged young people have found their voice through spoken word poetry- but even more importantly, these young people are using their voices to insist that we hear, and understand, the broken parts of our world.”

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Teach for America Recruits and Supports DACA Teachers

TFA’s Amanda Fernandez blogs on Huffington Post about how the organization is breaking ground with their efforts to recruit undocumented immigrants who are the recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status. Over the last year, TFA has hired 45 DACAmented teachers and is serving as a model for other organizations and companies to provide pathways to opportunities to this tremendous talent.

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Paul Farmer Sells Stephen Colbert on Providing Health Care to the Poor

Partners in Health Co-founder Paul Farmer sells Stephen Colbert on the benefits of providing health care to the world’s poor: “You get more bang for the buck when you turn your attention to lives who are damaged by poverty and illness because you’ll see that they’ll respond well to interventions that are easily available to us.”

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Bipartisan Group of State AGs Call on Congress to Act on Immigration Reform

Attorneys General Greg Zoeller of Indiana, a Republican, and Jim Hood of Mississippi, a Democrat, released a bipartisan letter along with 16 other state AGs calling on Congress to act on immigration reform. They state that “some question the authority of the President in this area. Regardless, the moment is now upon Congress to seize the opportunity and advance commonsense legislative reforms to our immigration system to secure our borders, support businesses and workers, and promote the safety of our communities.”

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