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Educated Constituents Can Advocate Policies That Create More Opportunities And A Fairer Society

EC Senior Fellow Nancy Hubbell Biffar: What Krugman misses is the sad irony that a better-educated electorate is this country’s best hope for demanding a stronger, truly democratic system. Education is what equips us to take on the powerful interests that Krugman rightly holds responsible for driving the disastrous trends in inequality.

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One of every 15 children living in the US has an unauthorized parent, and nearly all of those children are native-born US citizens. Think of that statistic, one in 15, the next time you drive by a school or a playground. Think of those children living with the knowledge that the federal government can take their parents away. This fear and uncertainty breed difficulties that manifest themselves in delayed cognitive development, lower educational performance and clinical levels of anxiety.


...these places that have very few immigrants are the most [unnerved] by their presence. But in the places that have long-settled immigrant populations--and, in particular, have large shares of the undocumented--these populations have become deeply interwoven into the fabric of the overall community.

University of Southern California Professor Manuel Pastor on state lawsuits challenging President Obama’s recent executive actions on immigration.

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