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EC Takes on SNAP Challenge

Over the last couple of weeks, five members of the Emerson Collective team took part in the 7-Day SNAP Challenge, an annual event to raise awareness about hunger and food insecurity in America. For five days, each used the average SNAP recipient’s budget of $30/week (or $4.20/day) for all of our food and drink. EC’s Anne Marie Burgoyne and Karen Warner chronicled their experience, and reflected on the difficulties of the challenge.

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Q & A with Marshall Tuck, Candidate for CA State Superintendent

This Fall, Californians have a choice between two very different candidates for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. The incumbent Tom Torlakson represents the status quo while Marshall Tuck has a bold plan to help both teachers and students in California. We’re excited about Marshall Tuck’s candidacy and recently had a chance to ask him about his platform, the Vergara decision, and Common Core.

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Medic Mobile Launches New Digital Platform

We’re excited to announce that Medic Mobile, which brings mobile technology to health workers in disconnected communities across the globe, has launched a new platform that will allow the hardest-to-reach NGOs, clinics, and health workers access to tools that improve access and quality care. The platform is designed specifically for last mile clinics and health workers and is free and easier to use than ever. We’re excited that this new tool will let Medic Mobile scale beyond the network they already serve.

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Obama Applauds EC’s Efforts to Create High Schools for the New Economy

Emerson Collective, along with leaders in Silicon Valley and beyond, launches a competition to develop the best designs for the next generation high schools. This school redesign initiative will use the best in design thinking, education research and practice, and technology to create new school environments to dramatically increase the engagement and success of currently underserved students.

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EC Supports David Pepper for Ohio AG

The race for Attorney General in Ohio is one we ought to watch closely—as our nation’s ultimate swing state, Ohio voters have historically played a key role in presidential elections. In recent years, the state legislature and the current AG have supported measures that make voting more difficult, which could have profoundly negative consequences in the next presidential race.

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Our Next Generation of Civil Rights Leaders

As the country struggles with the tragic shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer in Ferguson, MO, Ozy Co-Founder Carlos Watson talks with CNN Live about our country’s next generation of civil right leaders. The list, which includes California AG Kamala Harris and education leader Geoffrey Canada, are national and local individuals who are already making a great impact in the areas of justice and equal opportunity.

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US Jesuit Conference calls on WH to End Unsafe Deportation Practices

In a recent The Hill op-ed, Fr. Thomas H. Smolich, SJ, president of the US Jesuit Conference called on the White House to halt dangerous deportation practices. His recommendations include ending all night-time deportations, ending family separation during deportations, and returning identity documents, cell phones and money to deportees.

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Little Over Half of DACA Eligible Youth Apply for Relief

According to a new report by the Migration Policy Institute, only 55 percent of the 1.2m unauthorized immigrant youth who met the criteria for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program have applied for deportation relief. About the results, MPI President Michael Fix says, “On the one hand, the sheer volume of applicants is impressive, on the other, hundreds of thousands of immigrant youth have not yet gained a status that can change their lives in measurable ways.”

read the report and see a state-by-state analysis

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