Mayme Hostetter empowers teachers and school leaders to transform young lives through education.

Mayme Hostetter believes all students need and deserve great teachers. As the president of Relay Graduate School for Education, and an English teacher herself, Hostetter has dedicated her career to changing that reality.

“It can be exceptionally difficult to become a great teacher due to lack of resources and comprehensive training needed to be effective in the classroom,” she says. “This means that, too few students — and this is especially true among low-income students and underrepresented students — get to have one.”

Through Relay’s innovative programs, new Pre-K-12 teachers have the opportunity to learn from effective, experienced teachers, through a learning model “as diverse, effective and inspiring as great teaching itself.”

Today, Relay is serving 5,000 students, teachers, and school leaders across the U.S., both in-person and online, offering master’s degrees and certification programs for teachers and teaching residents, fellowships and coaching for principals and school leaders, as well as professional education opportunities for educators everywhere. Hostetter and Relay are currently scaling their approach to meet the increased demand for online education during COVID-19.

Prior to joining Relay — where she has also served as the national dean and as the dean for New York City — Hostetter conducted reading development research in the Gabrieli Laboratory of the Department of Brain and Cognitive Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and had worked as an English teacher.