Max Krummel

Immunologist & Data-Sharing Advocate

Max Krummel is building a cross-disciplinary community of scientists who are unraveling the mysteries of the immune system, while democratizing the culture around scientific discovery.

For the past 25 years, Max Krummel has used cutting-edge technologies to study the mechanisms that regulate the immune system, making discoveries that have led to numerous critical advances. For instance, while earning his doctorate at the University of California, Berkeley Max Krummel co-invented the first approved immunotherapy for cancer, which has now helped more than a hundred thousand people with cancer.

Today, Krummel is an immunologist at the University of California, San Francisco, where he is laying the groundwork for the next generation of research as the co-founder of ImmunoX, an innovative research program that promotes collaboration, communication, and the sharing of data technology and findings across fields, disciplines, and geographies.

The heart of ImmunoX is a series of “CoLabs,” that provide clinical and scientific investigators, postdocs, and students with access to cutting-edge technologies and centralized data. Originally conceived as a space for scientists from different departments at UCSF to explore overlaps in their work, ImmunoX today has grown into a discovery lab where scientists lead by example, harnessing collective discoveries to improve the world, making advancements in treatment for cancer, autoimmune disorders, and beyond.

Ultimately, Krummel says, “science, society and human health benefit when scientists come together to exchange ideas, collaborate, and create.”