Voyagers Depart Hawai’i for San Francisco on Hikianalia Canoe


On the morning of August 18, a crowd gathered on the docks of Sand Island, Honolulu, to bid farewell to Hikianalia and her crew. After more than two weeks’ delay due to weather and final preparations, Hikianalia embarked on her ambitious California Voyage—a 30-day, 2,800-mile journey to San Francisco to raise environmental and cultural awareness.

On their month-long journey, the crew will sail through the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to collect water samples and track marine debris. Hikianalia, the wind- and solar-powered canoe built by the Okeanos Foundation for the Sea, is the sister vessel of the famed Hōkūleʻa. Hikianalia is captained and navigated by 32-year-old Lehua Kamalu, who has trained with the Polynesian Voyaging Society for nearly a decade.

A public welcome ceremony and celebration will be held on Sunday, September 16, in San Francisco.

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