Chicago CRED Joins March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C.

Chicago CRED

Among the massive crowd at Saturday's historic March For Our Lives event were dozens of men from Chicago CRED. They made the journey from Chicago, along with more than 400 student activists, to deliver a clear message: ending gun violence in America is about more than mass shooters or gangs. It's about sensible federal gun policy and building the support systems our communities need. In this moment, it's about listening to our young people when they say that together, we will create change.

Since the February 14 massacre in Parkland, young activists from Chicago have become an integral part of the national youth-led movement against gun violence. While the lives of young people growing up in South Florida are stunningly different than those in South Chicago, they are forever bound together by tragedy.

“We’re dealing with this every day,” says CRED Life Coach Jason. “I think the young men from CRED need to step out of their communities to see this is a worldwide problem, so they can see the effects when it’s not just about gangbangers or ‘our enemies.’ There are innocent people being killed.”

Three young men from Chicago took the stage at the March For Our Lives program, and others participated in press events and activities centered around the weekend’s main event. They all demonstrated the strength and resilience of their communities.

“Our pain in Chicago has been underreported and underappreciated," Emerson Collective Managing Partner Arne Duncan told MSNBC. "To have our young men and women be able to share their powerful stories with the nation, I can't tell you how hopeful that makes me."

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