Emerson Collective

Encouraging individuals of exceptional talent and creativity to advance bold new projects in education, immigration, the environment, social justice, media, and health.

Visionary individuals from across disciplines pursuing bold new projects.

Renée DiResta
Internet Researcher & Policy Expert

As the Technical Research Manager at the Stanford Internet Observatory, Renée DiResta studies how misinformation, disinformation, and conspiracy theories spread online.

Valeria Luiselli

Valeria Luiselli is an author and writer who explores themes of immigration, migration, mass incarceration, and violence through fiction and nonfiction writing.

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson
Marine Biologist & Policy Expert

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson is a marine biologist, policy expert, and writer. She is the founder of Urban Ocean Lab, a future-focused think tank for coastal cities, and the founder and CEO of Ocean Collectiv, a strategic conservation consulting firm.

Anne Snyder
Author & Editor

Anne Snyder is a widely published author and the Editor-in-Chief of Comment, a magazine of public theology. Her work explores questions of culture, immigration, and faith in an age of polarization and fracture.

Jessica Lander
Educator & Author

Jessica Lander is an educator and author focused on issues of immigrant and refugee education. She has spent a decade as a teacher working with students at middle school, high school, and university levels, and has written extensively on education policy.

Paul Hawken
Author & Sustainability Expert

Paul Hawken is an author and leading voice on sustainability who founds ecological businesses and advises heads of state and business leaders on environmentally friendly practices. His 2017 book, “Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever to Reverse Global Warming,” is a New York Times bestseller.

Ernest Moniz
Distinguished Fellow
Nuclear Physicist & Clean-Energy Expert

Ernest Moniz is a nuclear physicist, an energy and climate change expert, and the CEO of the nonprofit Nuclear Threat Initiative. From 2013 to January 2017, he served as the United States Secretary of Energy under President Obama.

At Emerson Collective, we believe that individuals have the power to untangle hard problems with ingenuity, to excavate human truths through art, to bring justice to our most calcified systems. We believe that an individual voice can inspire us, unite us, and show us the way forward.

We also believe that such individual innovation requires both support and freedom to flourish — so that individuals can follow their creative instincts, take risks and make big bets, and set off on paths with unknown destinations.

Emerson Collective supports visionary individuals to pursue such intellectual, creative, and professional ambitions through the Emerson Collective Fellowship. While Fellows are not part of a cohort and do not all share a fellowship calendar, they each advance the public understanding in Emerson Collective’s priority areas, creating new avenues for progress.

Often structured as one year of direct support, the Emerson Collective Fellowship is designed to help a remarkable individual advance a new project. With minimal ongoing programming, the fellowship gives individuals the autonomy to advance their current work, pursue exciting new chapters with unknown destinations, and make lasting breakthroughs. Emerson also works directly with Fellows to help their work reach greater exposure and impact.

Fellows are selected through an invitation-only application process. We select Fellows based on an established track record of excellence and originality; a deep engagement in education, immigration, social justice, the environment, and health; and the potential to pursue vital new work with the support of a fellowship.

Emerson Collective Dial Fellowship
Equipping remarkable social entrepreneurs with new communications tools to strengthen their voices and extend the impact of their work.
New America Fellowship
In collaboration with New America, supporting writers, journalists, and storytellers in completing ambitious new book projects.