We envision a world where humanity and nature live in healthy harmony

By collaborating with credible, passionate and committed Doers - leaders who think boldly - we seek to transform markets, scale technologies, and revolutionize policies. We support radical remedies of the commons designed to address nature's tragedies of the commons. By applying differentiated solutions to the high value problems that confront both humanity and nature, our intention is to accelerate change in a timeframe that is consequential to communities everywhere.

Elemental is Emerson Collective's platform for applying systems level, design thinking to the multifaceted environmental challenges of our time, using every tool and talent we can avail.

We understand how threats to our natural world are deeply interwoven with societal challenges—inequity, polarity, economic instability, and inaccessibility to technology. As we prioritize our problem-solving through a lens of justice and societal progress, we strengthen humanity.

In transitioning to a more equitable society, we endeavor to move towards a new "social compact." Enabling innovation to be inclusive for economic opportunity ensures our communities benefit and increasingly become the focal point of change. Just as universal access to the innovation of electricity transformed all spheres of life in the 20th century, equitable diffusion of technology and sustainable modernization will lift up entire communities.

We'll achieve this by investing in the world's Doers—thinkers, leaders, and innovators with an entrepreneurial spirit, deep acumen, and relentless passion to solve high value problems.

We have the power to intentionally heal and strengthen the relationship between ourselves and nature, to live in the world we desire.

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We are all in this together. We need to be healthy, to discover meaning, and to celebrate the essence of nature. Preserving and promoting natural diversity strengthens our communities. Every member of our human family should interact with nature, and each other, in ways that all living species desire: to be connected, protected, and respected.


Earth is more than our home. It’s a rare, precious complex web of evolving natural ecosystems that enable all living things the opportunity to grow. It is the soil beneath our feet, our healthy forests, snow-capped mountains, bountiful oceans, reflective ice, and untamed wilderness. Our own vitality and that of our communities is fully dependent on how we conserve, protect, heal, and strengthen the magnificence of nature.


How we respire measures how we thrive. In fact, our essential relationship to Air universally determines how long we all survive. That same truth applies to the health of our world’s natural ecosystems. Atmospheric Air envelops and protects us. When pure and unpolluted, it allows us to breathe in health. Air is humanity’s ultimate shared “commons” and we have a collective responsibility to detoxify and decarbonize it, so that Air may do its job allowing us to thrive naturally.


Water is life. We are comprised of it. Fresh, clean water is the indispensable ingredient of nourishment and health for us all. We want to see water managed sustainably and abundantly; available universally and shared equitably.