Why We Give Anonymously

1 min read

Our policy of anonymity is not based on a preference for secrecy or a hostility to transparency. It is based on our understanding of the proper spirit of giving and support. A great philosopher once taught that the highest form of philanthropic giving is anonymous giving, because it suggests that the recipient of the gift is more morally significant than the donor of the gift, and that the goal of the gift must supersede all vanity in the giver.

Our work is most emphatically not about us.

Emerson Collective’s goal is to shine light on strong social change work and movements, as well as strong thought leaders and change makers. We want to change hearts and minds, as well as systems, and to lift up voices that are not always heard.

Though it goes against the grain of contemporary philanthropic culture, we do not want to be the story.

We seek results, not accolades. We stand behind so that others may stand out front. We are not the main event; we support the main events.

While we are proud of what we do, we are not motivated by pride. In specific instances, of course, we are glad to provide references for the organizations that we support, but we want the impact of those fine organizations, their successes in improving the world, to be the story that people talk about.

The inner satisfaction that we experience as we watch our funding make a difference is our great reward.