Dr. Ernest Moniz Receives Roosevelt Institute Award


Emerson's Distinguished Fellow is honored for his years of service in the clean energy space.

On June 7, 2017, Emerson Collective Distinguished Fellow Dr. Ernest Moniz received the Roosevelt Institution’s Franklin D. Roosevelt Distinguished Public Service Award. The award honors “individuals whose careers exemplify President Roosevelt’s extraordinary dedication to public service and seek to inspire a renewed national commitment to the principals for which FDR stood.”

As former U.S. Secretary of Energy and one of the country’s leading nuclear physicists, Dr. Moniz has pushed the United States toward a future powered by renewable energy. His leadership continues to drive scale for clean energy deployment and infuse innovation into our economy. This work is crucially invigorating our economy, providing meaningful opportunities to young people, and modernizing our communities, all while contributing to the sustenance of our natural world.

When we announced Dr. Moniz as a Distinguished Fellow in April, he told the entrepreneurs and community members gathered there, “As we look at our deeply decarbonized future, we’ve got to make sure there is a New Deal for our workers and communities.”

We are honored to work alongside Dr. Moniz as he continues to spur the innovation that will better the future of America and our planet. You can watch Dr. Moniz's acceptance speech here.