Aloha, Elemental Excelerator


We are excited to share that Hawaii-based Energy Excelerator (EEx), a leading energy and infrastructure accelerator is becoming part of Emerson Collective. EEx is transforming into Elemental Excelerator, a new nonprofit created in collaboration with Emerson Collective, and an essential part of our strategy to empower communities through innovation, economic opportunity, and sustainable modernization. Elemental Excelerator will be closely aligned in mission and values with Emerson Elemental, our platform to strengthen the relationship between humanity and nature.

EEx has been driving innovation and sustainable developement in Hawaii and other Pacific communities for the past 7 years. They will now bring their expertise to California as Elemental Excelerator.

The new Elemental Excelerator will amplify the work and reach of EEx beyond Hawaii, scaling its impact to California communities and beyond. Over the last seven years, the EEx team has developed an engaging community-based model, funding more than 50 companies, co-deploying 28 demonstration projects throughout Hawaii and Asia across energy, water, transportation, and agriculture systems, and helping to support over 700 jobs and internship opportunities.

EEx co-founders Dawn Lippert (right) and Jill Sims (left). Dawn Lippert will be the CEO of the new Elemental Excelerator.

Dawn Lippert, co-founder and former Director of EEx, will be the CEO of the new Elemental Excelerator and Emerson Elemental’s Director of Innovation and Community. She will work closely with Andy Karsner, Emerson Collective Managing Partner and former U.S. Assistant Energy Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, who is leading Emerson Elemental.

Hawaii has transitioned from 10% renewable energy in 2008 to over 25% renewable today. The islands are on their way to moving off oil and being 100% powered by local, renewable energy by 2045. EEx has played a key role in deploying innovation in the islands and supporting Hawaii’s transition and we at Emerson Collective are excited to help shape and support EEx’s continued growth in Hawaii and expand into other communities.

We’re convinced that solving our most complex problems requires collective action – beginning at the local level. We’re focused on the environmental “tragedy of the commons,” in which individuals are not incentivized or aligned to act in ways that support the ecosystems that sustain us. It’s time for a “remedy of the commons”. We can strengthen communities through green innovation, economic opportunity, and sustainable modernization.