Students Share Ideas for Fixing Our Schools

XQ: The Super School Project

Our high school students know what they need to succeed. So why aren't we listening to them?

Our high school students know what they need to succeed: safe spaces to learn from each other and speak their minds, compassionate educators who help to foster their interests, courses and curriculum that are meaningful gateways to college and life. So why haven’t we listened to our students? Why are high schools tethered to a design that hasn’t fundamentally changed in more than a century?

These years are a critical bridge on every student’s path toward adulthood—it’s when we ought to be imparting our most innovative teaching methods, coupled with tools that foster curiosity and collaboration. XQ posed these questions, and today thousands of people across the country are working toward creative answers as part of The Super School Project. Over the past couple years, we’ve spent time listening to a fascinating array of ideas from those with the most informed point of view: people who care deeply about the future of schools from local communities. Students, parents, entrepreneurs, lawmakers, and artists have joined this conversation—all in service to reimagining the American high school.

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XQ: The Super School Project is a national movement to redesign high school to better meet the needs of students today and prepare them for the careers of tomorrow. We believe education must move forward, and student voices and their communities have the solutions.

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