Emerson Collective

  • Laurene Powell Jobs


  • Jesse Adorno

    Manager, Information Technology

  • Kojo Ako-Asare

    Director, Emerson Elemental

  • Nicole Alexiev

    Director, Energy & Environmental Programs, Emerson Elemental

  • Russlynn Ali

    Managing Director, Education

  • Ahely Allende

    Portfolio Manager, Immigration

  • Agatha Bacelar

    Multimedia Manager, Marketing

  • Maria Barr

    Director, Marketing

  • Mia Bernardino

    Analyst, Emerson Elemental

  • Ariane Bertrand

    Director, Environment & Food Access

  • Matt Bettonville

    Manager, Software Engineering, Health

  • Malvika Bhagwat

    Manager, Impact & Efficacy, EdTech

  • Whitney Bowens

    Executive Assistant, Strategy

  • Emily Bronkesh-Buchbinder

    Director, Marketing Strategy & Insights

  • Christy Brook

    Legal Director

  • Michael Bruce

    Director, Emerson Elemental

  • Coyote Bryant

    Support Technician, Information Technology

  • Anne Marie Burgoyne

    Managing Director, Social Innovation

  • Alex Burke

    Director, Marketing Production & Operations

  • Elka Chamberlin

    Manager, Portfolio Services, EdTech

  • Anna Chan

    Executive Assistant, Emerson Elemental

  • Catherine Chien

    Portfolio Manager, Emerson Elemental

  • Brad Colby

    Executive Assistant, Social Innovation

  • Randal Cunningham

    Venue Operations Manager, Events

  • Tanya Daggett

    Executive Assistant, CFO

  • Jessica Diedrich-Eckstrom

    Data Administrator, Emerson Elemental

  • Jonny Dorsey

    Director, Innovation and Policy

  • Nika Duan

    Investment Analyst, EdTech

  • Arne Duncan

    Managing Partner

  • Patrick D’Arcy

    Director, Fellowships and Portfolio Communications

  • Carmel Farzaneh

    Analyst, Environment & Food Access

  • Marshall Fitz

    Managing Director, Immigration

  • Season Flores

    Executive Assistant, Legal & Investments

  • Dan Forman

    Head of Fixed Income 

  • Will Fowler

    Analyst, Social Innovation

  • Meg Freshwater

    Manager, Planning

  • Monica Fuentes

    Director, Immigration - State and Local Policy & Partnerships

  • Desiree Furness

    Executive Assistant, Immigration

  • Allison Ghajar

    Director of Student Opportunity, Social Innovation

  • Lisa Gibes de Gac

    Portfolio Manager, Education

  • Rochelle Greene

    Executive Assistant, Emerson Elemental

  • Peter Gross

    Water Skipper, Emerson Elemental

  • Elena Hale

    Managing Director, Chief Marketing Officer

  • Hamilton Henson

    Multimedia Editor, Marketing

  • Jason Heo

    Analyst, Innovation & Policy

  • Jomayra Herrera

    Manager, Education Technology Investments

  • Samantha Hewitt

    Assistant, Special Events

  • Donna Isip Dela Rama

    Executive Assistant

  • Shannon Jarvis

    Specialist, Facilities

  • Ross Jensen

    Director, Education Technology

  • Reed Jobs

    Director, Health

  • Pardeep Johal

    Front Office Administrator

  • George Kane

    General Manager, Education Ventures

  • Andy Karsner

    Managing Partner

  • Kara Kearns

    Director, Budget & Management, Media Investments

  • Duncan Keefe

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Barbara Kinney

    Senior Photographer & Photo Editor

  • Michael Klein

    Managing Partner

  • Peter Lattman

    Managing Director, Media

  • Chloe Lewis

    Manager of Sports Programming and Community Engagement

  • Dawn Lippert

    Director, Innovation & Community, Emerson Elemental & CEO, Elemental Excelerator

  • Amy Low

    Managing Director, Portfolio Communications

  • Angel Martin

    Manager, Grants and Special Projects, Health

  • Carmel Martin

    Managing Director, State & Local Partnerships

  • Steve McDermid

    Managing Director, Venture Investing

  • Dan McHugh

    Portfolio Manager, Health

  • Anya McMurray

    Director, Immigration Policy & Strategy

  • Jenny Medina

    Data Administrator, Social Innovation

  • Laurel Mills

    Associate, Emerson Elemental

  • Rachel Mooney

    Support Technician, Information Technology

  • Neikelle Moore

    Director, Budget and Management, Sports Investments

  • Jim Mylen

    Senior Advisor, Education Market Development

  • D.C. Nguyen

    Content Manager, Marketing

  • Arianne Nichol

    Director, Special Events

  • Christian Okoye

    Investment Manager, Emerson Elemental

  • Lucas Oliver Oswald

    Multimedia Manager, Marketing

  • Hannah Passafuime

    Analyst, State and Local Partnerships

  • Kerri Pinchuk

    Digital Manager, Communications

  • Sarah Pinto

    Director, Venture Investing

  • Brad Powell

    Managing Director, Investments

  • Sarah Rahman

    Manager, Capacity Building & Special Projects

  • Robin Reck

    Director, Public Affairs

  • Courtney Rochelle

    Executive Assistant to the President

  • Viridiana Romero

    Portfolio Manager, Immigration

  • Stacey Rubin

    Managing Director & Chief of Staff

  • Daimen Sagastume

    Analyst, Education

  • Lou Sanchez

    Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Beth Schmidt

    Director, Education Portfolio

  • Michael Schrum

    Director, Special Projects

  • Katie Sempek Palefsky

    Grants Manager

  • Alex Simon

    Manager, Media

  • Tyler Spencer

    Executive Assistant, Investments

  • Kavitha Sreeharsha

    Director, Immigration

  • Marcy Stech

    Director, Communications

  • Shelbi Sturgess

    Events Manager, Emerson Elemental

  • Dan Tangherlini

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Nora Traughber

    Manager, Ed Tech Operations & Analytics

  • Tien Truong

    System Administrator, Information Technology

  • Melissa Uhl

    Manager, Innovation & Community, Emerson Elemental & Chief of Staff, Elemental Excelerator

  • Cassia van der Hoof Holstein

    Director, Global Health Equity

  • Amanda Way

    Investment Analyst, Health

  • Kylie Wheeler

    Executive Assistant, Marketing

Chicago CRED*

  • Jalon Arthur

    Director of Strategic Priorities

  • Raahsaan Brown

    Manager of Job Supervision and Alumni Support

  • Arne Duncan

    Managing Partner

  • Monica Guerro

    Executive Assistant to Arne Duncan

  • Daryl Howard

    Director of Training & Best Practices

  • Jen Keeling

    Director of Strategic Partnerships

  • Susan Lee

    Senior Director, Safe Chicago Network

  • Lila Leff

    Chief Program Officer

  • Sherry McAdoo-Champion

    Executive Assistant to Susan Lee & David Snyder

  • Craig Nash

    Community Change Leader

  • Rahul Pasarnikar

    Director of Business Development

  • Paul Robinson

    Director of Youth Engagement

  • Jayla Rufus

    Manager of Youth Engagement

  • Leo Smith

    Director of Academics & Policy

  • David Snyder

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Curtis Toler

    Community Change Leader

XQ Institute*

  • Russlynn Ali

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Sarah Baltazar-Pinheiro

    Associate Director of Education Products

  • Pamela Berkman

    Managing Editor

  • Alexandra Berry

    Director of Learning Research & Practice

  • Kaamil Bey Isles

    Operations Director

  • Chelsea Blumenthal

    School Support Program Coordinator

  • Michele Cahill

    Managing Director of School Success, Interim

  • Luis Calderin

    Youth & Audience Engagement Director

  • Nicole Campbell

    Director of State & Local Partnerships

  • Ann Cattalini Sinclair

    Associate Director of Policy Content Partnerships

  • Eustace Conjoh

    Community Engagement Manager

  • Dr. Marc Eckō

    Chief Creative & Strategy Officer

  • Jennifer Ellis

    Director of Policy Engagement

  • Michael Evans

    Senior Creative & Product Director

  • Nina Gajdosikova

    Associate Art Director

  • Ted Garey, ESQ

    In-House Counsel & Grants Manager

  • Stephanie Germeraad

    Communications Director

  • Yihan Hsia

    Graphic Designer

  • Carolyn Jones

    Senior Writer

  • Sophie Klimcak, Ed.M

    Senior School Support Associate

  • Phil Kregel

    Senior Associate of Growth Marketing

  • Silvia Li Sam

    Senior Associate of Growth Marketing

  • Hillary Liepa

    Senior Campaigns Director

  • Anne Mackinnon

    Managing Director of Education Content, Tools & Research

  • May Mark

    School Support Director

  • Dr. Monica Martinez

    Chief School Support Officer

  • Frankie A. Martínez Blanco

    Associate Campaigns Director

  • Kyle Maxwell

    Senior Staff Accountant

  • Marty McCoy

    Operations Associate

  • Judy McKoy

    Executive Administrator to Russlynn Ali

  • Dr. Linda Murray


  • Sacha Ostern

    Campaigns Director

  • Chrysi Philalithes

    Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer

  • Mary Quisenberry


  • Margot Roolant

    Creative Producer

  • Carri Schneider

    Director, Storytelling & Engagement

  • Pat Smith

    Chief Administrative Officer

  • Patrick Starzan

    Director of Growth

  • Meg Stephens

    Campaigns & Events Associate

  • Tracy Tademy

    Executive Assistant

  • Chantel Taite

    Administrative Assistant

  • Sebastian Turner

    Chief of Staff

  • Max Vargas

    Senior Data & Policy Analyst

  • Showit Woldu

    Office Manager

*Although Chicago CRED, Elemental Excelerator, Roadmap Society, and XQ Institute are related to Emerson Collective, they are separate entities.