At Emerson Collective, we partner with innovators who are willing to take risks by building promising models that push up against the limits of convention. Our interest stretches beyond our borders, to communities around the world that have used innovative strategies to overcome difficult challenges.

We are focused on the areas of greatest need, where our contribution can make the greatest impact. We are drawn to underfunded populations and sectors that are often—wrongly—deemed “un-fundable.” This includes areas as diverse as food insecurity in the US, the juvenile justice system, and innovations for extreme poverty—all ripe for reexamination and reinvention. Our approach to social change is nimble and non-traditional, our tools are varied and flexible, and our expertise is continually enriched by the partners we seek.  

In the policies we champion and the coalitions we convene, we are eager to amplify voices that might not otherwise be heard. We do this not only out of our deep belief in social equity and economic fairness, but also our conviction that we can’t afford to leave anyone out of the conversation, or leave any good ideas on the table.

This is our shared responsibility—to strive continuously and exhaustively to improve individual lives and entire systems.