Migration is a timeless and fundamental human activity, as natural and inevitable as the ocean’s tides.  Whether it is flight from peril, pursuit of opportunity, or a combination of the two, migration is a constant throughout human existence. 

From America’s inception, one of its greatest strengths has been its willingness to embrace this human impulse and to see the potential and vitality of this human current. 

Closed societies are like closed ecosystems. Over time the insularity becomes toxic because they lack the resources to successfully adapt. 

Immigration is a constant source of vitality and regeneration in America’s ecosystem. Individuals moved by the spirit of opportunity have always prevented the calcification of our social, economic, and cultural structures. 

When we block that current from flowing, we stagnate and prevent individuals from realizing their potential.  When barriers to progress are institutionalized, we diminish the distinctive feature of America’s identity that immigration provides.

We believe that immigration reform that enables the more than 11 million undocumented immigrants to earn legal status and citizenship is essential to a healthy, vibrant democracy. 

We believe that the status quo in which millions of individuals and families live in constant fear of deportation is intolerable, and squanders the potential of millions.

We believe that the pervasive emotional and psychological harm that results from a life of fear undermines success in our schools, fairness in our workplaces, and the integrity of our democracy. 

Our belief is that a functional immigration system that respects the dignity of all people, promotes family unity, and stabilizes communities will grow the economy, reduce inequality, increase opportunity for all Americans, and enrich our democracy.