Update: In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, We The Action is connecting victims in Houston with lawyers. Visit WeTheAction.org to learn more.

An unprecedented number of people are becoming activated in causes they care about, searching for ways to affect positive change. This is particularly true of those in the legal community, as lawyers have the passion and skills to advocate for individuals, impact policy, and transform entire systems.

At the same time, progressive nonprofit organizations across the country are stretched for resources, in need of talented advocates willing to take on a range of challenges in their respective spaces.

Understanding the great need to bring skilled lawyers to nonprofits in need of legal expertise, Emerson Collective partnered with We The Action to build and launch WeTheAction.org. The platform is a new tool that connects volunteer attorneys and the nonprofit organizations who need their time and talent. Together, they advocate for a more equitable, inclusive, and just society.

How it works: WeTheAction.org offers a user-friendly platform through which nonprofit organizations can efficiently list available volunteer opportunities for attorneys—and interested attorneys can search for and respond to these opportunities in real time. Organizations review the profiles of attorneys interested in their project and, if there’s a fit, connect with them directly.

Lawyers and nonprofit organizations can sign up now at WeTheAction.org.