#QuieroAprender: Cynthia's Story

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When Cynthia Erenas was eight years old, her father risked everything to move their family from Mexico to the United States. As a young teenager feeling disconnected in her new home, Cynthia struggled at school until a teacher gave her the push she needed to join College Track, a program that helps students succeed in high school and beyond.

Cynthia renewed her commitment to education and, in the process, uncovered a passion for engineering. With the support of College Track staff—and musician will.i.am—Cynthia pulled together a robotics team. She has since become an advocate for getting more girls into the engineering field and is one of many voices in the #QuieroAprender campaign, a nationwide initiative to activate Latino students in education issues.

In 2016 Cynthia graduated from Roosevelt Senior High School and College Track.

“I’m not just a dreamer because I have DACA papers,” she says. “I’m a dreamer because I believe in myself."

What's Next?

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